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Year of the Rat x John Varvatos Star USA January 14 2020

Year of the Rat graphic
John Varvatos Star USA Circle Rat and Punk Rat tees
New arrivals from John Varvatos Star USA!
Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rat with
these two inspired tees - the Rat Circle and Rat Punk.




Remember Your Favourite T-Shirt? October 03 2019


Weekend Wear heading
Retro Brand tee collection at Jeff's Guyshop
Remember your favourite t-shirt growing up?
You know, the one you loved more than Linus loves his blanket? It was super soft and nothing in the world felt better… The Original Retro Brand has recreated that shirt by combining all the same qualities of a great fitting vintage t-shirt with very "weekend relevant" slogans! Retro Brand has developed unique techniques in garment dyeing and softening in order to produce the ideal "vintage" feel.