Feeling Blue? You May Be On To Something! March 16 2015

By Joelle Cooling, as seen in The Bay Observer: March, 2015

In case you are suffering from a bit of the winter blues, let’s fast forward just a few more weeks (well, maybe months) into the world of Spring Fashion.
Open up any menswear magazine and you will notice an obvious shift to all things BLUE.  While changes in menswear trends are subtle, this one has crept in from last season, making blue the essential colour of spring 2015.  This is not to say that black and grey are going anywhere – it is to say that if you do not own a blue suit, you are going to want to get one! Or at least a blazer or unconstructed jacket.
If you get yourself a brand new blue suit (navy is the obvious choice, but there are other great shade of blue for the more adventurous), be sure to break it up to maximize your investment.  Wearing the pieces separately can give you three different looks.
Blue means denim and denim is becoming such a solid foundation for the more liberal workplace.  The runway is not always exactly what translates to real life, but in the case of denim, designers such as Tom Ford, Prada and Burberry just gave you the green light to wear your denim jacket with your jeans, under a blazer!  Experimenting with a mixture of washes and combinations of denim can be very forward, but it can work!  Just be sure to invest in premium jeans to elevate the look to be blazer-worthy and workplace friendly.
The colour blue works nicely with itself – meaning that you can combine a few tones of blue together in your look.  This tone on tone concept has been translated into shirting prints and looks striking! Blue also works so well with most colours it is paired with.  For a real current pop of colour, add red, orange, yellow, or even green.  Pastels also work well with a blue base, as do white and even black.Get inspired to think way past the traditional blue blazer this season and have some fun mixing and matching to create your look.  Forget about those winter blues and put your sites on to spring!!